Teemill is a part of Teemill Tech Ltd. Sustainability is at the heart of everything that we do. The result? The most sustainable clothing on the planet

sustainable clothing



For T-Shirts and sweaters, the softness, breathability and comfort of Organic Cotton is unrivalled: it's a higher quality product that's softer to the skin and kinder to the planet.

That's why all of our T-Shirts are made of it.

Read more about Organic Cotton Here.


All of our T-Shirts are made from sustainable textiles, in a wind powered, ethically accredited factory. They are transported by ship, not air and we know exactly where our garments come from, thanks to our Award-Winning Traceability - from seed to shop.

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Teemill guarantees that you are buying sweatshop-free clothes that were not made using child labour. You can also shop knowing that the clothes were made without harmful chemicals, or in a way that harms the people in the fields or factories where they were made.

Read more about Ethical Fashion.

£5 Cashback

80% of the environmental impact of a t-shirt happens post-purchase.

That's why, for every item you return to us at the end of its life, we will give you £5. We'll then recycle, reuse or repurpose it. We will never send it to landfill.

Read about our Cashback Scheme Here.

Social Enterprise

We are an Award-Winning social enterprise, creating jobs for 18-25 year olds in an economic blackspot. We know that finding work is hard, because we've been there. That's why last year we put over £16,000 back into helping young people get placements, jobs and start new companies.

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David Attenborough

"A Most Valuable and Interesting Project"

- David Attenborough, regarding Rapanui Clothing


Our traceability maps trace the entire product supply chain from the planting of the seed, the processing of the fabric, manufacturing, energy use and transport. This is Award-Winning Traceability - from seed to shop.

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